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We are always buying, selling and lending on Used Motorcycles in Edmonton AB, plus have newer Motorcycles for sale, and basically see all types of Motorcycle equipment. We buy and sell Used motorcycles, Used street bikes, and used equipment for Motorcycles and Street Bikes including Motorcycle helmets, Leather jackets, and sometimes Biker Boots. We have two locations in Edmonton AB. We are much more than a small area Pawn Shop: We have merchandise of all types including the finest jewelry, antiques, and even great buys on Cheap motorcycles. We offer Used motorcycles for sale at reasonable prices, and we are always looking to buy Street Bikes or Motorcycles.

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No matter what your passion in Motorcycles, we have got you covered here at Thanks to the massive inventory that stretches across our stores, we are able to offer nearly any type of Used street bikes or Used Motorcycles for sale that you are looking for. If you want to buy, sell or need a loan on a classic cruiser like a Harley Davidson, antique motorcycle, a sport bike such as a Suzuki, a touring bike like a Honda Gold Wing, one of the lighter sport touring bikes, Street bikes, Dual sport bikes, or scooters or mopeds, we are always buying new stock so come by one of our locations to find Used Motorcycles in Edmonton — we are proud to say that we are the buyers and sellers of bikes of all types!

Used Motorcycles in Edmonton

We aren’t just a pawn shop  that happens to get the occasional motorcycle in for sale, or who happens to make Title Loans on motorcycles from time to time: This is a significant part of what we do so we make sure that we have a staff of motorcycle experts who are motorcycle enthusiasts themselves: We know our bikes here at, and it makes all the difference in how we deal with buying and selling Motorcycles in our stores. Customer service is our number one priority at, so you can rest assured that if you come in with Motorcycles for sale or if you want to find a great deal on Cheap motorcycles in Edmonton, is a smart place to go! We are proud to offer the best prices on Used Motorcycles for sale — stop by today and see for yourself!

Motorcycle Equipment 

Of course no biker is complete without the biking safety gear, and that is something that we make sure to keep in stock as well. We know that items like Motorcycle helmets, Leather jackets, and Biker Boots are actually much more than just cool-looking gear to wear: These are important protective gear that every biker needs to stay safe on the road. We don’t just sell you a bike and send you on your way, for example: We know exactly what you need to get along with that bike and we are happy to help you get precisely the gear you need! Whether you are looking to buy or sell Motorcycle helmets, Leather jackets, biking gloves, or Biker Boots, we will do our best to fill the need. Just give us a call or stop by one of our convenient Edmonton Pawn Shops to browse our selection of biker gear or to find our what your items are worth.